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Hunter Cambon. Founder.

Hunter is a high school English teacher and a sailing coach at St. Thomas Aquinas and is a Ft. Lauderdale, FL native. He graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2010 with a degree in English Education, his teaching certificate, ESOL Certificate, and went directly into his teaching career.

Some of his passions include surfing, sailing, traveling which he has been able to do extensively while traveling with student tour companies as a chaperone. Hunter has lead students through Costa Rica, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and the Bahamian Island Chain. He has also surfed through the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and New Zealand. Because of his flexible teaching schedule, Hunter has been able to travel to Japan, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Czech Republic, Austria and Croatia, extensively hike the Appalachian trail, snowboard in Montana, Wyoming, Utah, California, and Colorado and hunt through most of Maryland. He has competed in ½ marathons and had rebuilt a destroyed 28’ sailboat. He is currently working on a 1969 38’ Morgan. There is even a song written by a Bahamian band in his honor.

When applying to graduate school Hunter realized how unorganized and difficult it can be to find all the needed information (let alone traveling to see the campus) to complete the process. He wants to use his experience to create a seamless way for students to get all the information they need about the colleges they are interested in.

UF Student Tour Guides

Griffin Bria. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist

Griffin Bria is from Davie, Florida, and graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas in 2016.  He attends the University of Florida, and his major is Accounting. Griffin has been a Gator fan since childhood and absolutely loves Gainesville. 

Along with being a life-long Gator fan, Griffin also has a passion for baseball. He has played baseball ever since he was a little kid and played on the varsity baseball team at St. Thomas Aquinas. Griffin plans to continue to play in college through intramural sports and club teams. Along with joining clubs and playing intramural sports, Griffin also plans on rushing a fraternity and joining the UF Greek community in the fall. Griffin is extremely excited to share his love for Gainesville through U See It.

Michael Carvalho. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist

Michael Carvalho is from Weston, Florida and graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 2017. He attends the University of Florida and majors in Finance in the Heavener School of Business. The University of Florida is a great fit for Michael with the excellent business school as well as its location in Gainesville.

Michael has played soccer ever since he was four, and played on St. Thomas Aquinas's JV and Varsity teams. He continues to play in the club level at the swamp. He also joined the Brazilian Portuguese Club in order to keep in touch with his Brazilian culture and heritage.

Michael started at UF in Summer B, and moved off campus in the Fall. He has weighed the pros and cons of each in the hopes of helping students make the right housing choice, as well as making the right choice to become a Florida Gator.


Lainey Davis. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist

Lainey Davis attends the University of Florida where she studies to become an orthodontist. Besides growing up a Gator, UF feels like home to her as it exudes a spirit of academic and extracurricular vigor as well as provides immense opportunity. Additionally, the dental program is ranked one of the best in the country. 

She has played competitive soccer since she was four years old and was on the varsity team at her high school where she won three state championships and one national championship. Lainey plays soccer as well as other sports at an intramural  level, is in a sorority, and partakes in various clubs and Student Government. Additionally, she enjoys traveling and being outdoors and can't wait to explore the various springs and lakes in Gainesville. She is extremely excited to share her college experiences and to help others see the great opportunities that she sees in UF!


James Greco. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist

James Greco hails from Parkland, Florida, and attends the University of Florida. He majors in Finance at the Heavener School of Business. James found the University of Florida to be the perfect fit for him because of the rigor of the coursework and the ample opportunities a degree from such a prestigious college with a vast alumni network. 

While at STA, James co-founded the Raider Cafe, an on-campus business that sold coffee each morning and provided students with various financial needs. He strives to continue business endeavors such as this at UF in order to prepare him for his future. He has also played golf since he was 10 years old and played on the St. Thomas Aquinas Varsity team since his freshman year. He hopes to combine his college years with his passion for golf to make for an exceptional experience. 

Living on-campus in the summer and off-campus starting in the fall, James is excited to share his experiences, enthusiasm, and guidance as students make the important decision of which college to attend. He can't wait to help others make the best decision as he did: to join the Gator Nation!

Sofia Isaac. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist

Sofia Isaac graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 2017 and attends University of Florida. Becoming a Gator was an obvious choice for Sofia with UF's excellent engineering program and amiable college town.

Sofia has a passion for art, particularly painting and drawing, and proudly participated in St. Thomas's first ever annual Fine Art Signing day, where she pledged to extend her education in the arts at UF. Besides painting, Sofia also plays the guitar, ukulele, and viola. She continues her love for tennis and rowing in college, where she participates in intramural sports. She can't wait to help others fall in love with UF the same way she did.

FSU Student Tour Guides


Chris Buckley. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist

Chris Buckley is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 2017. He is an Information, Technology, and Communication major at Florida State University and considering minoring in Graphic Design. Chris was unsure on where he wanted to go to college but immediately loved Florida State’s campus upon first sight.

Chris has enjoyed playing basketball and drawing since middle school. He loves playing pick up games at Florida State’s indoor courts and drawing in various digital programs as well as on paper. He is involved in FSU’s Association for Information Systems organization and continues to assist a non-profit organization located in Fort Lauderdale with their digital presence. In his spare time he has started to learn to play the guitar. Before attending FSU, Chris felt like he could easily get lost in the bulk of students but soon realized that Florida State doesn’t nearly feel as big as it truly is.

Riley Maus. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist

Riley is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and graduated from Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in 2016. He attends Florida State University and is majoring in Finance. Riley grew up a Seminoles fan and always loved the campus, the atmosphere, and Tallahassee. 

Riley ran on the varsity cross country and track team in high school and helped the 2015 boys cross country team bring home their second state championship. He conitnues playing sports through the great intramural programs that FSU has to offer. Riley also loves to fish and is excited to fish all the lakes surrounding Tallahassee.

unnamed (6).jpg

Jason Suhyda. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist

Jason Suhyda is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and he graduated from Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in 2017. He now attends Florida State University where he majors in Entrepreneurship in order to start his own private business one day. Growing up working in a family business played an important role in his choice. Florida State has surpassed his expectations in all aspects from academic to social.

Jason loves hunting, fishing, skiing, and all things regarding the outdoors. He plans to rush a fraternity and make the most out of his college experience.


Jenny Ralph. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist

Jenny is a freshman studying at Florida State University pursuing a major in Media and Communication Studies, and plans on graduating in 2021. She grew up in Plantation, Florida and is a third generation graduate from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 2018. Thanks to all she learned at St. Thomas, Jenny was accepted to FSU's University Honors Program and is a part of the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP). She wants to show all students the great and numerous opportunities FSU has to offer that often go unnoticed. 

She didn't know where she wanted to college at first, but knows she made the right choice with FSU. You can really feel the "Unconquered Spirit" and motivation from students at faculty alike to do "big things" with your time as a Nole and beyond. When she has free time, Jenny plans on being involved in clubs and organizations like CHAARG, the Academic Recruitment Organization (ARO), and intramural soccer. Go Noles!


Victoria SanJuan. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist.

Victoria SanJuan graduated from Saint Thomas Aquinas High School in 2019 and is a Hollywood, Florida born and raised beach bum. She is stoked to study marine biology/ecology with a minor in entrepreneurship at Florida State University. FSU was her top choice because it is well known around the country, has a great biology program, passionate school spirit, and a beautiful campus.

Victoria enjoys surfing, long boarding, soccer, and meeting people. She played JV and Varsity at STA and intends on playing intramural soccer at FSU. She also looks forward to joining clubs and being an active participant of the FSU community. Go Noles!!!

UCF Student Tour Guides

sam u see it.jpeg

Samantha Sclafani. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist

Samantha Sclafani attends the University of Central Florida. She is majoring in Environmental Engineering. UCF was the best fit for that major. Samantha was also attracted to UCF because of its incredible atmosphere and its numerous resources for students.

Samantha loves the ocean and is passionate about preserving and protecting it. She loves to sail, scuba dive, paddle board, and surf. She participates in multiple UCF clubs and intramural sports. Samantha cannot wait to share her enthusiasm for her university with others.

Marena Strauss. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist.

Marena studies engineering at the University of Central Florida and graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School. UCF was her top choice because the campus and location are amazing. Marena also loves the large student body and all the different people that she will have the possibility of meeting during her years at UCF. 

Marena loves traveling and exploring new places. She has traveled to Costa Rica, many different islands of the Bahamas, and to many different states in the US. Her interests include free-diving, fishing, surfing, painting and doing pretty much anything outdoors. Marena is a part of a number of clubs at UCF and can't wait to share her experience with U!


Ivan Ochoa. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist.

Ivan is from Hollywood, Florida. He graduated from St.Thomas Aquinas High School in 2018 and is now pursuing a Forensic Science degree at the University of Central Florida. He started attending UCF in the summer of 2018 after graduation. Ivan fell in love with UCF’s beautiful campus and the academic opportunities offered by the university. He is the first in his family to go away for college and pursue a degree.

Ivan was the Co-President of the Campus Ministry Class his senior year of high school. He was also in the Marching Band for 4 years. He loves listening to music, watching TV, movies, and above all, hanging out with his friends.


Peter pecic. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist.

Peter Pecic is a sophomore at the University of Central Florida. He is studying Aerospace Engineering, and plans to get his PhD from UCF. 

In his spare time, Peter enjoys tinkering in UCF’s Texas Instruments Innovation Lab. Even though Peter is but a young sophomore with most of his academic career still ahead of him, he has already begun his engineering career by designing, testing, and building various devices for himself to use on a daily basis. When he’s not being a part-time engineer, Peter enjoys making music, writing poetry, and reading about astrophysics. (His personal favorite, rightfully named, is Neil deGrasse Tyson’s Astrophysics for People in a Hurry.)

Above all, Peter cherishes time spent with his friends––all of whom he has meant at UCF! He believes that living on campus is not only the best way to take advantage of all that UCF has to offer in regards to academics, but also the best way to take advantage of the priceless experiences that come out of bonding with people from every imaginable background and way of life! Whether he spends time in his dorm’s study room or common room, there are always new people to meet and more friends to be made! 

As all of his 66,000 peers would say in closing: “GO KNIGHTS!”

FGCU Student Experts

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 9.43.09 AM.png

Sloane Leiva. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist

Sloane Leiva is a first year college student at Florida Gulf Coast University with an Undecided major. She is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida and graduated from Saint Thomas Aquinas in 2017. Sloane chose FGCU because of the average class size, the distance from the beach, and because of the awesome dorm rooms.

She loves animals and especially volunteering at local shelters. Her hobbies include, drawing, skating, sailing, listening to music, and giving back to her community. She is a part of Chi Omega which is a sorority based on the values of community service, career development, friendship, credible scholarship, and participation on campus.

Fun Fact: Sloane has a cat named Gizmo in her dorm room!

USF Student Tour Guides

Matt Brunswick. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist.

Matt studies at the University of South Florida in Tampa and is a St. Thomas Aquinas High School alumnus. He always knew he would stay in Florida for college but chose USF because of its location in a big city and academic reputation. Matt, who was a passionate rugby player, founded his high school team in 2014 and came to USF to play at the college level. Unfortunately, after realizing the severity of his previous injuries, he was forced to leave the sport. He then helped colonize and charter the Epsilon Pi Chapter of Delta Tau Delta, where he currently serves as Vice President.

Matt is currently majoring in English with a double minor in Political Science and Intelligence Studies. He aspires to graduate in summer of 2019 and attend law school.


Lindsay Ahmed. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist.

Lindsay is a first year Marketing major at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Lindsay is interested in Marketing because she believes social media platforms have the power to influence people positively. She is from Parkland, Florida and graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas in 2018. Lindsay chose to attend USF because she loves the campus and also loves the city of Tampa. Lindsay loves dancing, and is a Certified Disney Dancer. She hopes to start a dance team at USF in the future. Lindsay also considers herself a passionate caretaker of the environment. 


Matthew skelton. Student Tour Guide. On-Campus Specialist.

Matthew is a first year Computer Science student at the University of South Florida in Tampa. He is originally from Davie, Florida, and graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in 2018. Since middle school, Matthew knew he wanted to become a computer scientist.

He hopes to one day work in the field of cyber security for the military. USF was a good choice for Matthew because it is very affordable, not too far from Disney, and located in one of the most beautiful cities in Florida. On top of his school work, Matthew will be participating in multiple intramural sports such as, Football, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, and may also join the boxing club.  

Student Experts


Jimmy Harrington. Contributing Blog Author.

Jimmy Harrington graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas in 2017. He is currently play Lacrosse at Furman University in Greenville, SC.

Furman is a small liberal arts school with about 3,000 students total. As Jimmy adapts to the college lifestyle balancing sports and academics, he has realized that he loves being at a small school like. A lot of people don't know about Furman from the South Florida area but he wants to help put Furman and schools alike in people's minds when thinking about colleges they want to attend.

Marin McCall. Contributing Blog Author.

Marin McCall is a Journalism major at the University of Iowa, and is originally from Chicago. She thinks University of Iowa is the perfect fit for her because being a Big Ten school in a UNESCO city of literature makes it the perfect mixture of artsy writer culture and exciting sports culture. Marin loves cooking, baking, reading any book written by a current or former SNL cast member, and hanging out with friends. She is involved in Ed on Campus, a nation-wide magazine editing club, and her sorority, Delta Zeta. Marin is also a contributing writer for Her Campus and the Odyssey. She is super excited to use what she’s learned in college to help students with U See It!

Mary Katherine (A.K.A. MK) Moore. Contributing Blog Author. Marketing Coordinator.

MK attends Bucknell University where she plays on the varsity basketball team. Bucknell was an easy choice for MK because it offered the perfect balance between a competitive Division I team and a highly esteemed education. MK is majoring in marketing and minoring in economics. Outside of the classroom and off the basketball court, Bucknell provides the perfect college atmosphere for MK; its small size of 3,600 students establishes a family environment. This ‘Bucknell Family’ creates an amazing alumni network all across America, which makes jobs after college that much easier! 

MK is excited about all aspects of Bucknell, but especially loves the location. From hiking the Rocky Mountains to camping in the Everglades, MK loves the outdoors and takes advantage of everything Bucknell’s scenic Pennsylvania campus has to offer. Through basketball, MK gets to visit many colleges and she loves sharing all of her college-­athlete experiences with U See It!