My son really enjoyed the experience. He learned the things you can’t get from a website — the overall feel and vibe to each campus, getting to talk personally with current students, seeing campus life in action, seeing dorms, tasting cafeteria food, etc. It really helped him rank his preferences and he made new friends as a bonus! Thank you!
— Quinn Goodchild

I just wanted to thank you for putting together the college tour. Matthew was a little reluctant to attend but finally agreed. As it turns out, he really had a wonderful time and learned a lot. I don’t know where he would have got the kind of exposure he did on the tour.
Thank you again for orchestrating this necessary service and making it fun.
— Paul Tunney

I had a lot of fun and learned a lot about all of the colleges.
— McKenzie Curtin

Super fun and would recommend to everyone (-:
— Arial Rodgers

Professional, well organized and safe tour for all students in need of exposure to Florida universities
— Kevin Connor

Thank you for the tour! It was really fun!
— Rheannon Rozewski

Great tour learned a lot of info that will help me out very much in the future.
— Zach Hogan

Just wanted to say thanks for working on this essay with me. I actually got into UF! So it was worth it.
— Emily Sharkey

Everything was very well organized. If there were any questions they quickly responded. A nice group of students. It was a relaxed environment for the students and they were doing it on their own I liked that!
— Arlene Gomez

ITS PERF :-))))) <3 it
— Sloane Leiva

Great experience glad I went.
— Ryan Redington

The tour was really fun and a great way to make new friends and memories with the friends you already have. The tour guides were great and you could tell they definitely knew what they were talking about and weren’t trying to hide any of the college’s faults or shortcomings. All in all the tour was a fun time and gave me valuable information and experiences that will definitely factor into deciding on what college I plan to attend in the future.
— Louis Mandic

I enjoyed the tour.
— Vincent Cabrera

Maybe for future tours it can be arranged to see all of the campus’ dorm rooms. Also I had a really great time!!
— Samantha Sclafani

Had a great time, not only got a closer look at some of the colleges I might end up going to but made some new friends.
— Christopher Buckley

Ryan loved the trip! Said the bus was great and he appreciates seeing all the schools at one time to make his final college decision. Thank you!
— Maureen Redington