IMPORTANT: Before joining U See It for your college tours please review our Delegate Conduct Policy then download and sign our liability waiver and send it to

U See It  is engaged in the business of arranging and conducting escorted tours of college campuses for high school students. U See It performs a variety of services in connection with these tours, including: resume building courses; college essay prep; designing tour itineraries; arranging transportation; arranging hotel accommodations; arranging on -campus activities; and providing on-campus experts and current students to accompany the delegates to enrich their campus visits.

U See It often takes photographs during campus tours for later use in social media, web design, and other promotional materials. When agreeing to use U See It services you are agreeing to allow U See It to use photographs taken for web design, social media, and promotional materials that include attending you, the delegate. 

Cancellations are allowed up to 14 days prior to a tour. Learn More ››

U See It will provide transportation from the pickup and drop off destination. U See It is not responsible for events beyond its control such as traffic, weather, safety conditions, mechanical problems or other acts of God. In the event that these occur, and U See It cannot complete the trip, U See It will not be responsible for any losses or additional expenses as a result.

U See It is not responsible for any theft or missing articles.

U See It is not responsible for occurrences such as a hotel's failure to honor a confirmed reservation. The delegate releases U See It (and its employees and agents) from any claims arising from the failure of any ground transportation company, hotel, restaurant, or other supplier of tour services, arrangements, or accommodations, to perform as set forth in any tour literature.

The delegate understands that unanticipated events or circumstances may make it necessary for U See It to revise the itinerary for a tour program, including the cancellation of visits to one or more cities or college campuses. If such events or circumstances arise, the delegate agrees to abide by U See Its judgment and decision. The delegate will not depart from U See Its established itinerary at any time. And the delegate will release U See It (and its agents and employees) from any claims arising from the cancellation of a visit to any city or college campus.

The delegate is responsible for:
a. Any interior damage to the mode of transportation or equipment and/or hotel rooms.
b. Any damage to the vehicle or injury to the passengers as a result of delegate not following U See Its safety rules or directing the driver to deviate from his ordinary route.
c. Any injury to other passengers initiated by other delegates.

U See It personnel are responsible for delegates during college tours and any U See It sponsored events and activities. U See It considers the safety of minors a top priority and therefore holds any employees, interns, volunteers and students to a strict set of standards for working with minors. Please review our Code of Conduct Involving Interactions with Minors as well as our Policy to Protect Children and Prevent Abuse