You're In! Why You Should Visit Your Potential Colleges

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Visiting colleges is very important when applying, and more importantly when you get acceptance letters back. College has to be somewhere where you feel completely comfortable, and you have to be in an environment where you think you can thrive. Firstly it is important to visit the college to know what it even looks like in person, as pictures online simply do not do the job. Not only just know know what campus looks like but what does the surrounding area feel like. Do you want to live in a college town where campus is the center of everything, like Gainesville, or do you want to live in a large busy city, like New York. Or maybe you would be more comfortable with something somewhere in between such as Orlando that is not a college town, but is not a New York either. You need to see more that the type of city, but you also need to see what’s around to do. Gainesville has natural springs to visit, Orlando has the parks, Jacksonville has the beach, so recreational activities are something to maybe keep in the back of your mind. These are things that you can only truly get a feel for in person.

Another important part of visiting college campus’ is getting tours. Tours are important to get so you can see all of the important facilities the college has to offer, such as gyms, dorms classrooms, common spaces, student unions, and many other things. And finally probably the most important part of all, questions. By going in person and getting a tour you can ask questions about anything to your guide or even random college students walking by. Ask about anything and everything at all the campus’ you visit, you’ll have a lot more questions than you think. Also, make sure you visit multiple colleges that you were accepted, or at least visit your top two choices. Do not just visit your top choice, because you need something to compare to. You may like the college that is originally your first pick, however, when you visit your second choice, you may fall in love with the campus and the environment surrounding the college.