Your College Major: It's OK Not To Know

College is all about exploring and finding your “true self” and choosing a major is a big part of that. The rest of your life can be influenced by what degree you graduate with, so even if it takes choosing two or three different majors until you find the one, it is okay.

When I first went away to college, I really did not know what I wanted to do with my life, so I went in undecided about my major. I knew that I wanted to travel, and I like the surfing community, so I decided to major in sports management and marketing. But after a couple months at school, I was not challenged and felt that I had nothing to look forward to. So, I did some research and thought back on what classes I enjoyed in high school and I discovered that I wanted to be an engineer!

I love physics. Engineers can travel in their work depending on the job, and the classes are tough so it would be challenging and engaging. My whole attitude toward school changed after I selected my major because it was something I was passionate about and I was excited to work toward to my degree.

 So, being undecided can actually be a good thing. But, if you do not want to be in college forever, then I would suggest really thinking about some solid options before you get to college, so when you are there you can narrow it down. It's not a great position to be in when you are a junior in college and beginning a new major that could take 2 to 3 more years to finish.

That being said, if you want to change your major, never feel pressured not to do it. Taking an extra year of college so that you have a career you love for the rest of your life is worth it in the long run. It is your life and college is the time when decisions really affect your future, so make sure you are finding and doing what makes you happy.