Why You Should Take Advantage of the School Gym

Working out has its obvious benefits: looking good, feeling good, doing good for your overall physical health. On a college campus however, utilizing the gym has more perks than one might realize. In my time in college thus far, I can attest to the fact that a little physical activity during the day leads to much greater productivity. The burden of attempting to balance schoolwork, involvement, and a social life can take a toll on your mental health and cause stress and lack of focus.


Taking a break to hit the gym once a day or a few times a week for even a short period of time can clear your mind and help you to better tackle your to-do list later on. Plus, you feel a sense of accomplishment after doing something active which can motivate you even more to get your work done. Besides this, going to the gym can be a social element as well. Once you start going to a gym regularly, you may become familiar with the crowd that attends and you can meet people this way. Additionally, hitting the gym is a great way to hang out with friends in itself.


I find myself to be pretty busy a lot of the time, but for friends that share this quality, we do some of our best catching up and hanging out by working out together. (This also helps you to broaden your workout repertoire and to learn new workouts!) Finally, exploring your campus gym may lead you to a new passion or allow you to partake in something you’re already passionate about.

At the University of Florida, our Southwest Recreational Gym was recently built with a multitude of full-size basketball and racquetball courts, tons of rooms for various fitness classes, and outside there are fields for just about every sport you can imagine. With all these options, the gym doesn’t have to mean heavy weightlifting (however, we don’t call it GAINZ-ville for nothing,) but can mean physical activity in a variety of ways that everyone can enjoy.