Why it's okay to not have a major yet


The emphasis on knowing what profession we are going to pursue always seems to be looming over our heads as we get older and closer to our high school graduations; even middle school students are now being expected to start deciding on a career choice.

Although it may seem like all of your friends are certain of what they want to do the rest of their professional lives, the truth is that the majority of students will switch their majors around three to four times before finally deciding on one. No matter how sure you currently are about a certain career, there are hundreds of circumstances that may change your perception and ideals in life. For instance, some people come out of elementary school knowing they want to be doctors, but when they are faced with the challenges of a pre-med track, they suddenly feel either lost or anxious when they think of their future.

College is a time for students to explore their interests, and become excited when they think about the impact they can bring to the world through their strengths and passions. Most students do not understand the dedication building a career requires, and a solid career will not just fall into our laps just because we choose a high-paying job. Internships, research, and studying are all essential to any career, and we are much better off applying that time and commitment to something we truly enjoy.

I personally came into college thinking I was going to become an environmental engineer, especially because my passion for the environment seemed strong enough to get me through my five years in college. However, what I came to realize only three months into my first semester was that I was not passionate enough about science to dedicate the next thirty years of my life to a STEM profession. It is also much easier to pursue a major when you understand why it is important to take the classes a major requires.

If you are not enjoying or struggling immensely in the current classes you are currently taking, it is most likely because you are better off following another career path. If you are personally still not sure on a career, I would recommend you take any free career or personality quizzes online, and then base your choice of major on what is needed for a particular career. My favorite personality test is 16 personalities, because it has a specific section focused on specific careers and jobs that you will naturally prosper in and enjoy.