What Rush Week is Like

My first few days after arriving on campus at UCF I looked for ways to get involved. As I looked around at different clubs and sports the first week of school, I found Greek life very interesting. It seemed like something worth trying out. After learning more about fraternities and sororities, it seemed that would be the easiest way to get involved with UCF.

For me, Greek life has so much to offer. They hold social events to raise money for charities, help out around campus, one can become part of a tight brotherhood, network, and so much more. The only thing standing between me and my fraternity was rush week.

“Rush Week” is a week where students can visit every fraternity house on or off campus. During this time you talk to the brothers of a fraternity and see what they can offer you and help you make your four years in college beneficial. This week may be exhausting and time consuming, but it is very important to be yourself every time you go visit a fraternity.

You want to feel comfortable and at home with the fraternity you choose. This is a big decision because these are the people you will be spending the next four years with. When you visit the houses, you will be asked questions such as:

“Tell me a little bit about yourself and how did you hear about this fraternity?" 
“Why are you interested in our fraternity?”
“What do you expect to get out of Greek life?”
“What are you going to do to benefit this fraternity and how is this fraternity going to benefit from you?”

It is important, when answering these questions, to BE YOURSELF. Don’t be the kid that tries to act cool to get into a certain fraternity. You want to join a brotherhood that will make you a better person for the next four years and allow you to make amazing connections.

It is always good to do a little research on the fraternity you are visiting so you have some knowledge before visiting their house during rush week. After going through the rush week process I was able to find a great fraternity that will truly benefit me and allow me to succeed in college. It's cool learning about Greek life and seeing all that it has to offer to you, just make sure you are ready to make the commitment.