Visiting Home

Coming home from school for break is one of the highlights of the semester. Many students, myself included, are dying to get out of the house and go to college at the beginning of the year but by the time Thanksgiving and Christmas come around everyone is dying to get back home.

The best parts about coming home have to be sleeping in your own bed, being with your family, and home cooking. There are so many more things to look forward to when you come home. For me, I get to go deep sea fishing, which I can’t do at school at Florida State. You also get to see friends in high school that you haven’t seen in a while.

Things you should definitely take advantage of while you have them include the beach, friends going to other schools, any pets you may have, being in your own house, and a much lighter work load in school. On top of all of that, your parents will always love to have you come home.

It’s weird to come home from college because it is almost like a vacation from your new home. College is fun but coming home is what I look forward too. You really learn to appreciate everything you have and the great part of the state you are from when you come home for break or even just a weekend.

If I could go back to senior year of high school, I would try and take advantage of every opportunity I had to go out and hang out with friends. You won’t see some of them for months so I would definitely recommend going out whenever you have the chance.