Turkey Break

The Fall is probably my favorite season with college football, Halloween, and of course, Thanksgiving. As a college student, I really do not get to make it back home a lot, which is very unfortunate. Going home and seeing my family is one of my favorite things to do, but Fall semester can be a very hectic time for college students.  

Whether we have exams we need to study for, Friday classes we can’t skip, or college football game days that are too fun to miss, going home can be very difficult.  Thanksgiving break gives us all time to go home and spend quality time with our families, and eat delicious food. Since Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, most universities only give us Wednesday off. I guarantee that the majority of your professors will cancel class for you on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving as well. This break is probably my favorite break of the year because it happens at a perfect time.

Pictured above is my family’s tailgate in Gainesville UF FSU weekend.

Pictured above is my family’s tailgate in Gainesville UF FSU weekend.

October and the beginning of November can be very stressful for students due to the multiple midterms that professors want to get done before the Thanksgiving break. This break allows students to go home, relax, and forget about school for a week.  Living in Fort Lauderdale, I get to go home, see my best friends from high school and go to the beach with them. Then, after Thanksgiving, I’ll drive up to Tallahassee for the UF FSU game with my best friends to watch the Gators beat the Seminoles!

After Thanksgiving break, we come back, and have about a week to relax before we have to start studying for our difficult finals. To conclude, college students should definitely take advantage of going home for Thanksgiving break, because college kids can spend quality time with their family and also gain mental clarity for their upcoming finals.