Treating Each Semester Like a New Year


Every new year is a new beginning, a fresh start. The same applies to a new semester. Every semester is a fresh slate for you to improve on study habits, your grades, your involvement, and so much more. Just as New Year’s Resolutions are easy to shy away from after a few weeks into the year, so too are new semester resolutions. However, all you need is a little discipline to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes that you did the previous semester. Before the semester started, I wrote down 5 resolutions that I have for this upcoming semester, and they are hanging on the whiteboard above my desk to remind me of my goals. It is probably safe to say that procrastination is a common resolution among students.

Personally, I have taken up defeating procrastination as one of my resolutions this semester. Last semester, I got very far behind in one of my online classes. I learned my lesson when I had to watch 25 lectures in 4 days before the final exam. This semester, I am treating online classes as if they are an actual class in my schedule by either attending the live lecture on campus or watching the lecture from home when it is broadcasted. Another resolution I have taken up is to find 3 clubs or organizations to join this semester that I didn’t get involved with last semester. Involvement on and off campus is ideal when it comes to building your resume, broadening your network, and simply meeting new friends.

As a business major, networking is an essential aspect if you want to be successful. That is why I made one of my resolutions to attend the Career Showcase that the business school at UF holds every semester. This fair is not only a great way to find internships, but it is also a resource that helps you gain experience and make connections that might be useful in the future. With every new semester comes new responsibilities and obstacles. Resolutions help you set goals for yourself as well as tackle the challenges you found in the previous semester.