Touring Colleges in the Fall

Having lived in South Florida for my entire life, I have never really experienced a “real” Fall. Now that I am living in Gainesville, I cannot wait to experience a “real” Fall that involves the leaves changing and the weather turning colder.

One benefit of touring colleges in the fall, rather than the spring or summer, (especially UF and FSU) is that you get to experience the different weather and the different environment that you normally don’t get to experience living in South Florida.

Another benefit of touring a college campus in the Fall is that you get to see what campus is like with all of the students on campus. During Summer tours, very few students are on campus; while touring during Fall, you will have the entire student body on campus.

The switch from Summer B semester to Fall semester at UF was incredible. There is just a massive increase in the amount of students that are on campus in the Fall rather than the Summer, and I think it’s very important to see what campus is actually like during the Fall.

Another benefit of touring in the Fall is that you get to see all of the school spirit that the school has to offer. For example, at UF, you will see mobs of students gathering in front of Turlington Hall cheering for our Gators and also cheering for whatever they believe in.

Turlington Hall is one of the free speech zones on campus, so you’ll always see crowds of people cheering for what they believe in. In the Summer, Turlington is normally empty just because there are not a lot of people.

In conclusion, I think touring in the Fall is much better than touring in the Summer because you get to experience different seasons, you get to experience more students on campus, and you get to see the great school spirit that the university has to offer.