Touring Colleges

Marena here! I’m a student at the University of Central Florida and I love it here, but it isn’t exactly what I was expecting when I applied. Sometimes the campus can be a deciding factor between one school or the other so I think it is definitely important to tour a school before fully committing to it. It is important to really be able to see yourself at your prospective school because you will be spending at least the next four years there. 

The idea I had in my head when I imagined my college campus was more like northern school campuses or like the University of Florida campus. But that is not what UCF is like. UCF is a more modern looking and spread out campus. I was pretty surprised when I saw the campus was not what I was expecting, but I was not disappointed at all! It was a good thing I discovered this at an open house when I toured rather than when I was actually moving in.

Seeing different schools can also give you more options to consider before making your final decision. Maybe you were not too fond of UF and you really wanted to go to UNF, but then you saw that UNF was set up more like a commuter school which is not what you were looking for. And UF has a more compact campus with housing right near where your classes would be, which is really convenient and how you imagined college.

You never would have been able to see these situations if you did not tour the schools and you might have made the wrong decision for your final decision. Touring schools really gives you the full experience of being there which is a very helpful tool in deciding where to make the next chapter of your life happen! We still have a few tours left for the year, and I'd love to see you on one.