4 Tips to Maximize Your Dorm Space


Going from a regular sized room at home to your new shoebox room at college can be difficult but there are easy ways to stay organized and make the most out of the space you are living with.

First of all, get storage bins. Most rooms will only come with a small dresser and if you are lucky a closet. You will definitely underestimate how many things you actually own until you have no room for those things! Keep storage bins under the bed where they will be out of sight and keeping your room less cluttered and more open.

Secondly, get drawer organizers. These are a must in my opinion. They will help you fit more clothes in your drawers and keep things neat and organized for you.

Thirdly, do your research about the dorm you are moving into. For instance, I live in an apartment style dorm and I have my own bedroom. However, the pictures online made the rooms look bigger than they actually are. Anticipating this dilemma, I looked up all the dimensions for my room so I would know what to expect and what I could fit. I also think it is really helpful to ask for advice when it comes to decorating your dorm. I got in touch with my roommates way before we moved in and I was constantly asking them what they were doing with their rooms to get ideas on how to make the most out of the space we were given. I also had friends who had lived in the same dorm previously and they were a great help to me when deciding how to maximize the space.

The last thing I would advise about making the most of your dorm space is to avoid overpacking. A lot of websites have college packing lists that will aid you when it comes to knowing what to bring and what not to bring. If you stick to those lists you will most likely bring everything you need and not overpack. So be neat, stay organized, and don't overpack and you will have an amazing looking dorm!