Tips for Selecting College Courses

The best advice I can give about selecting college classes is to be open and flexible about everything. For example, I signed up for classes during orientation in May of my senior year, which was early because I did a summer semester at UF. By the time fall rolled around, I didn’t end up with any of the classes I started with in May at orientation. Some of my courses changed, some of my class times changed, or both. All of which you should be completely flexible with.

Second, try and take all AP/IB/ACE credit with you to college. Most colleges will recommend retaking classes, only because they want you to not place out of a weed out class or retake a class that covers more material than the high school classes do. Whatever choice you make, I would highly recommend to find a student who repeated the class, and one who didn’t, that way you can see both sides of the story. At the end of the day, you’re the one paying for and taking your classes, so you get to make the final call.

Third, you’re not going to get the perfect schedule. As a freshman, you get the last pick in classes, which means you’re most likely going to either have an 8 am class or a 5 pm class. Both are not enjoyable, but to pick correctly you should figure out who you are. If you’re a morning person who can base half of their sleep schedule on naps, then take the morning classes. If you need your sleep and want to stay up every night, then afternoon and night classes are for you. Remember, if you plan on being involved in collegiate sports and rushing, you may have a schedule conflict with late night classes.

My final note is to not overwhelm yourself with classes. In the fall, you’re making new friends, joining clubs, and going out as an adult for the first time. Only you know how much you study and if you can handle a lot of credits.