Tips for Selecting College Courses

As Spring Semester is upon us, I have learned a very valuable lesson about classes in college: get your core classes out of the way early. Most, if not all colleges have core requirements, and all majors require different courses for major completion. Even if you don’t quite know your major yet, taking your core requirement courses early is a very helpful tool for two reasons:

Firstly, you can knock out all requirements so that you do not have any obligations hanging over your head for the next four years, and secondly, it’s a great way to figure out what piques your interest. In all honesty, the last thing you want at your college graduation is to find out that you missed a core requirement, you could end up like Stephen Colbert, receiving a “See Me” note from the dean on graduation where you expected to find a diploma.

Taking your core courses early not only ensures a graduation filled with a real diploma and a normal heart-rate, but it also opens up your schedule later down the line. A senior year with an easy course load allows for more time to work on finding a job, more time to apply to grad school, and most importantly more time to enjoy your last year of college.

In addition to the necessity of core courses, they’re really a great resource even if they can be a pain. Many people enter college with no intended major in sight, and core courses give you a little taste of them all. By taking these courses early you can take classes you never would have picked for yourself, figure out what interests you, and hopefully get on the fast track to discovering the perfect major.

So take what you have to in order to graduate, but when you do that make sure you explore, college is all about going out of your comfort zone to grow and taking courses you wouldn’t normally try can turn into a pleasant surprise!