Tips for a stress-free first college semester

The first semester is definitely a roller coaster ride. You are going to be stressed out many days, but you are also going to be able to relax as well. The key to not going crazy in the first semester of college is to stay on top of your grades and assignments-- each and every one of them so nothing piles up. Life comes at you fast in the first semester because on top of class assignments, you could have other assignments to do, fraternity or sorority commitments, and tons of obligations.

The easiest way to stay stress free is to start out with good grades early in the semester. On top of achieving good grades, avoid procrastinating because it will help reduce stress. If you are stressing out with school work or anything, I found that it is easiest to relieve stress by taking advantage of your weekend and using the time off to relax. You can play intramural sports, attend sporting events like football or basketball, go to happy hour, visit friends at other colleges, or just find adventures in your college to go on. For example, on a  free weekend I had, a couple friends and I went to the University of Florida to visit friends for a football game. Another weekend we went to a sinkhole with a rope swing.

Little trips like that can relieve stress and keep the semester interesting and exciting. Intramural sports are also a great way to get exercise, have fun, and stay stress free. Florida State University (like most universities) offers a huge range of intramural sports to choose from at different levels of ability. School work will definitely stack up on you more than once in a semester. It is important to always try to keep your grades up because even if it feels as though your back is up against the wall, you can always look at good grades to calm you down.