Things you’ll miss in college to take advantage of now!

Going away to school is a great experience, especially if you decide to go outside your comfort zone and try a new climate. But even if you only go to school a few hours away from your hometown, it will be different. If there are things that you love to do in your hometown, or even things that you do not like to do but are special to where you live, do them. Take advantage of the little things that are unique to where you grew up and the place that shaped you into the person you are today.

Once you go away to school, you start to miss things that you took for granted when you were home. I’m only three hours away from my hometown in Fort Lauderdale, but I find myself missing even the littlest, weirdest things like driving down Federal Highway with the windows down, on my way to the beach. I can still hit the beach up at UCF, but it’s an hour long drive and not very scenic.

Think of things that you have not done in awhile, but you remember enjoying, and go do them! Soon you will not have the opportunity and you will definitely miss it. Also spend time with your family because you might be excited to move out, but once you are gone you do not realize how much you miss those crazy folks you lived with for your whole life!

Even though you will miss all these things, they make coming home on breaks all the better; you get to do some of your favorite things in the world and you will appreciate them more than you ever did before. Missing home is a natural part of going to college, but it is so great to be on your own and grow and find yourself in the real world. And who knows, maybe you will love your new town as much as you loved your hometown!