The Decisions You’ll Make

One of our UF on-campus specialists, Jon High is approaching the end of his college career and had some amazing thoughts to share with incoming freshmen:

My time as a college student at UF is nearing its end, and I find myself reflecting back on all of the decisions I made that lead me to where I am now. I can vividly recall a few of the bigger decisions that caused immediate, significant changes in my life; however, I’ve realized how simple it is to overlook the importance of all the small, subconscious decisions we make everyday that impact these bigger decisions.

It's easy to get caught up in the rush of this capricious life and downplay the significance of the small day-to-day decisions that we make subconsciously with an expectation that things will just work out. The problem with this subconscious decision making is that it isn't congruent with our conscious decisions: the key to effective decision-making is to harmonize the subconscious with the conscious.

So, I pose this challenge to all of you who are about to begin college: Make some time by yourself to think about three things you want to accomplish during your college career.

It can be anything from making the dean’s list to creating and living a healthy lifestyle to crossing things off of your bucket list. Once you have your three things, I want you to:

  1. Write them down (there’s something about writing things down that makes them tangible).
  2. Truly decide that you will accomplish these three things no matter what. This means making a commitment to yourself that you will stick to your goals even when you want to give up and even when it seems impossible. I promise it will be worth sticking it out. Don’t falter. Don’t discourage.
  3. Hold yourself to a higher standard. When you do stay true to your commitments and achieve your goals (and you will) it is the most satisfying, fulfilling feeling in this world.
  4. Make enough of the conscious decisions that will propel you further and your subconscious decisions will become an advantage rather than a setback.

No matter who you are, where you came from or where you’re going if you commit to being a better version of yourself than you were the day before and to never let anything stop you from achieving your goals and dreams then you will succeed.