Summer School Benefits

Before college, the combination of ‘summer’ and ‘school’ sounded about as appealing as juvenile detention, but in college, summer school takes on a completely different meaning. In high school, summer classes take away your liberty, but if you take one in college, you get your freedom back. College is a time of liberation and responsibility, but so many students struggle with living under their parents’ rules when they go home for break. After spending months at a time on your own, it’s hard coming back home to curfews. Luckily, for college kids we have the option of taking summer courses, and there’s actually a ton of benefits aside from the freedom.

If you plan on attending a large school and you’re a little intimidated by the size, a summer course is a great option if you’re looking to dip your toe in the water before cannonballing in the fall. Even if you’re not scared about starting school, a summer course before freshman year is a great way to meet people and understand what college is going to be like as you embark on the amazing yet intimidating journey. Taking a summer course allows you to adjust to life as a college student while the workload is still somewhat lighter. It also lets you figure out how to live on your own when you’re only taking one to two classes. I can’t tell you how many times I ran into people who didn’t know how to do laundry, so why not learn when there’s less on your plate.

Taking a course isn’t only helpful in getting acclimated to college, but it also helps lighten your load to graduation. Regardless of whether or not you know what you plan on majoring in, summer courses help get you ahead with your credits; you can take classes for your major or just take your college core requirement courses. You don’t have to take a summer course exclusively your incoming freshman year, in fact, I’m taking one going into my sophomore year. Afterall, who doesn’t want a lightened course load down the line and an independent, curfew-free summer?