Staying Festive on a Budget

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As the holidays approach, you may feel the need to spice up your dorm space with a little seasonal flare. Here I will tell you how you can make your dorm festive and make cute costumes while still staying frugal.

A lot of department stores sell cute decorations to accessorize your space but if you're not careful, you can really spend too much for a little decoration. That is why it is crucial to stick to “the dollar section.” Walmart and Target both have shelves upon shelves of signs, banners
and stickers that cost practically nothing and can look really cute. The dollar store is another great place to purchase discounted decorations to add to your space. Also, do not be afraid to make your own decorations! If you see something you like but can’t afford, try and see if you can make a cheaper version at home that will probably look the same or better than the original; the same goes for costumes.

As Halloween approaches, you will be invited to a multitude of themed parties around campus. Chances are, you will not have a costume correlating to every theme just laying around. That’s when it is great to utilize apps like Pinterest and Tumblr to give you cheap, DIY costume ideas. Places like Michael's and CVS also sell inexpensive supplies to help fulfill these costume ideas.

My roommates and I are constantly cutting and sewing costumes out of old shirts to match party themes and we also tend to share costumes that we already made with each other. It is also important to never throw out an old costume because you can always recycle pieces and make them into new costumes. You should also never be afraid to ask your roommates or your friends to borrow things to make your costume great. Also try not to stress too much about
costumes or decorating because they are meant to be fun and not expensive or stressful.