Spring Rush

This month I am going to tell you guys all about rushing a fraternity or sorority in the Spring. I am currently a junior at the University of Florida studying accounting, and I joined a fraternity my freshmen spring semester. Going to the college for the first time can be a very overwhelming time, and fraternity/sorority rush can make it even more overwhelming. Rushing in the Spring allows you to settle down your first semester of college, and then rush when you feel more comfortable at your university.

I decided to rush in Spring instead of Fall because I wanted to get my grades up before I joined a fraternity. Rushing in the Spring also gives you a whole Fall semester of meeting guys in fraternities, and figuring out which one fits you the best. Fall rush can feel very “rushed” all in one week, so rushing in the spring allows you to really get a feel for all of the houses on campus.

Some people may think that rushing a fraternity in the Spring puts you at a disadvantage, but it really doesn’t at all. I am currently living in the fraternity house, and couldn’t be happier right now. I have made countless new friends in all age groups, and have made some best friends with my pledge brothers. In my fraternity, Spring rushees make up to 25% of our entire chapter, so rushing in the Spring is very important to fraternities. Rushing a fraternity or sorority in the Spring allows you to get acclimated with college in the Fall, and then be extremely comfortable with the rush process in the Spring. From my experience, I cannot stress enough how much I encourage you to go out and rush in the Spring if you missed out on Fall rush. Spring and Fall rush are very comparable, and definitely worth it.