Spending a Semester Abroad

As I wrap up my first year of college, the only thing I can think is “how?!”. How on earth has a whole fourth of my college career already passed? While I face the sad reality, I can’t help but reflect on the amazing time that college has been and look forward to the next three years with the people and professors who have made the experience worthwhile. Personally, I love college so much that I can’t even imagine a semester away from these great people, and that’s why I think study abroad during the summer is a great option for people like me.

There are very few times in our lives that we’ll ever be presented with the opportunity to live in another country and study, but in opposition to that there’s only eight semesters in college for the average student, so a summer abroad gives you the best of both worlds.

In addition to not missing out on any of your precious time at college, you also leave yourself in the position to be as involved as possible. I can’t stress the importance of getting involved on campus enough, and studying abroad during the summer allows you to stay as involved as possible. I’m currently involved with the women’s basketball team and I’m a journalist for a newspaper on campus, but there’s no way I could continue either if I were away for a whole semester.

Study abroad during the summer provides you with the opportunity to take complete advantage of your college years, while getting to explore another country -- but really there’s no right or wrong way to do college, so even though I suggest doing it in the summer, it’s not the end of the world if you go during the school year.

So, as you go into college, I recommend that you get involved, study abroad whenever you can, and when you do so I suggest going somewhere completely different than where you’re from; college is about expanding your horizons, so take a leap of faith and try somewhere cool!