Senior Spring

If you are anything like I was my senior year, the second you came back from winter break you began counting down the days until graduation. Almost all of my friends had been accepted into their school of choice and the senioritis had begun to set in. Although it’s nice to think that it’s smooth sailing until graduation, sadly that's still not the case.

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Believe it or not, most colleges still “watch you” even after you’ve been accepted. For instance, I was initially deferred from UCF and I got my acceptance after Thanksgiving. However my acceptance to UCF had conditions. I had to maintain a certain GPA to keep my acceptance which is something I had never even heard of. Keeping up my GPA ended up paying off because not only was I allowed to attend the best school in the nation (in my opinion that is) but they also offered me a scholarship. Keeping up with my schoolwork and not slacking off also allowed me to use my Florida Bright Futures. I basically go to school for free now which is something my parents are so thankful for.

Not slacking off also allowed me to maintain good relationships with my teachers. Now, I know what you're thinking “once I graduate I will never have to deal with a high school teacher again,” but you are wrong. If you are searching for a job right out of high school, some employers want letters of recommendation from your old teachers and if you gave up and started failing and not showing up to your classes your teachers probably won't be too eager to help. You are so close to finishing your senior year but I promise working hard for the last fifty or so days pays off in ways you won't expect.