Pros and Cons of Summer School

Second semester of senior year is a hectic time for high school students. From the excitement of things like prom, end of the year trips, and graduation to the stress of being accepting into and committing to a university, you have a lot going on. Another important decision that you are going to be faced with in the next few weeks is deciding when you want to actually start your college career. To start in the summer or to start in the fall?

Starting out at your university during the summer session is a really cool experience and will teach you a lot about how to be a successful college student. Over your freshman summer semester you will have the opportunity to go to school with a light class schedule, which is something you can’t do over the fall and spring semesters. Most summer students will take three classesor less . I took an entry level writing and an entry level computer science courses, both of these are graduation requirements at Florida State. Taking only two classes will help you learn how college courses work and you will definitely be more prepared for a full schedule in the fall. Summer session is also a blast, you will be able to spend a lot of time making new friends and going out because you won’t have a super time consuming class schedule.

Staying home over the summer before your freshman year can be a very rewarding experience as well. Freshman year of college is an exciting time and you will grow and change a lot during that year regardless of if you start in the summer or fall. The time between your graduation and leaving home for school is an equally as cool time, though, and starting in the fall allows you to get the most out of that period. This is the last time your whole childhood friend group will be the same and in one place, your last few months of home cooked meals, and you are about to become a lot more responsible for your own success as you start college. I think the best advice you will get right now is to appreciate and enjoy this time. College is a great place but it will still be there in a few months so don’t feel pressured to jump into it right after graduation.

Both of your options here have their pros and cons so it is best for you to ask your friends, parents, and teachers to hear all of their different opinions before making the choice that works best for you. Good luck!