Perks of a Summer Semester

Hope everyone is enjoying the wrap-up to the school year. With summer around the corner, lots of students are looking to see if they can use the free time to take a few classes.

For incoming freshmen, summer session is a great way to get acclimated to campus and meet people. For those coming to campus for the first time, I would suggest taking classes that satisfy general education requirements. Using the summer to take a few science classes that are required, or an English class that you need to graduate is a great way to still enjoy your summer while getting some credits out of the way. In-state Florida schools require that you earn summer credits to graduate as well. Taking these classes as early as possible makes summer sessions more enjoyable, and feel like less of a chore.

For upperclassmen, I would suggest taking classes that ease the burden of the next semester. For example, if you must take 5 classes in the upcoming fall, many upperclassmen would choose to take one of those classes in the summer to make their busy fall a little easier. Finishing up a class that can give you more free time in the fall is a great idea, since fall is usually a super busy time because of football season and social events.

Overall, using summer sessions to take care of Gen Ed classes, easing the schedule you have in future semesters, or just getting acclimated to campus is a great idea. Personally, I got a few of my science requirements out of the way the first summer after I graduated high school, and it was a great way to get those done and get used to being at school. I’ll be taking another summer class starting in a few months to make my fall easier, which will be great heading into a tough senior year of college.

Hope everyone has a great end of the year and an awesome summer!