Packing Your Dorm for the Winter Season


My name is Marena and I’m a student at UCF in Orlando. The weather does not change too much here but it does drop to the low 40’s at times. The change of seasons requires different clothes and different activities.

I usually go home for Thanksgiving break so that is a good opportunity for me to bring some winter clothes from home back up to school with me. I also like to take some of my summer clothes home to make room for my winter stuff in my closet. If you are a student who can’t get home for break, then it is good to bring a balance of summer and winter clothes.

Some staple winter clothes that are good to have year round are a few long sleeves, a couple pairs of jeans and also some more comfortable long pants, a sweater and a heavier jacket. Also don’t forget to pack some close-toed shoes so your feet don’t freeze in flip flops! A good thing I like to have with me for winter is a beanie; it is easy to just throw on for class and you do not even have to worry about brushing your hair.

Important winter things to have besides clothes are an extra blanket in case you get chilly at night, some hot chocolate (duh!), and I have found that having a humidifier is nice. It can get dry outside in the winter air and coming home to a nice warm, somewhat humid room can keep your skin moisturized and keep your lips from chapping while you sleep. Also remember that even though it might get cold outside, don’t just hide in your dorm, you will be perfectly prepared to enjoy the cool weather!