On Campus vs. Off Campus for Spring Break

As a freshman at Florida State University, I am having the time of my life on campus each and every week. I absolutely love the school, campus, and Tallahassee. However, when spring break comes around, I am not alone when I make a break for home or to a college spring break destination.

The majority of students who attend Florida State do not stick around on campus during spring break; this is traditionally a time to blow off steam away from campus. Spring break falls right in the middle of the semester, so it is a great time to get away from school for a week and see friends from other schools. Most high school seniors are probably wishing they could just get to college already.

Although college is an awesome time to learn, be social, and experience new things, once you leave high school everything changes. You learn to cherish breaks from school when you can go home. After Christmas break, I am dying to get back home.

If you choose not to go home, there are hundreds of spring break destinations you could pick from in and out of the country. For example, the Bahamas are popular place to go. The cool thing about some of these trips is that they are put on by groups at Florida State. The Bahamas trip is going to be a cruise comprised of only Florida State students. Another place to go if you are looking to get out of the country is Mexico. However, going home is still the best option for me. There is still plenty of fun to be had wherever you end up for spring break, and I highly encourage you to explore your options and mix it up every year.