Motivation To Hit the Gym Regularly


While a freshmen in college it becomes apparent really fast that the freshmen 15 is a real thing. The added partying and extra drinking will catch up on your body quickly if you don’t keep an eye on it. Something that helped me was befriending people who share the same interests in health and fitness. Having athletic friends around will be a good influence on your own habits and lifestyle. Not only do they provide motivation to go to the gym but if you work out with a partner, competition will develop and provide extra benefits in your workout.

Another thing I did was make a strict workout plan that worked with my school schedule, and printed it out on paper. I have this plan 3 different places: next to my bed, next to the sink, and on my phone. All these constant reminders ensure that I will not forget to go to the gym. The best way to keep up with the gym is to keep the gym on your mind. Post reminders, follow Instagram pages about fitness, and read articles on the subject. By developing a passion to go to the gym you will never need to look for the motivation to go because it will be so fun.

Lastly, most schools require a certain amount of credits to be obtained through electives (like FSU). When you choose these classes opt for fitness related ones like running, volleyball, weightlifting, or so many more. Classes like these will force you to get out of bed, get dressed, and go workout. During freshmen year you will want to go out a lot, party a lot, and eat a lot of good food. Make sure to balance that with the gym to get the most out of the whole experience while feeling good and looking good.