Managing Your Money College Style

One thing that I’ve learned while being away at college is that everything that you purchase tends to be expensive. I did not have a job going into my summer and fall semesters of college, and I did not have a meal plan as well. So, every meal that I have had I made myself, a friend cooked it for more, or I ate out.

While away at school it is very important to keep track of your finances so you know how much you’re spending. Keeping track of your costs and having a budget can help you track your spending and hopefully even reduce it. One thing that helped me my fall semester of college is that I was fortunate enough to receive financial aid. The financial aid I had received I only put to use towards what I would eat and school supplies. Try not to spend any of this money on luxuries that you just can’t afford because you’ll never know how long the money you received from them will last and if you’ll be able to get more financial aid the next semester.

There are tons of apps that you can use to track your spending habits, but if you’re old fashioned you can simply just right it down in a journal and keep a log of your purchases throughout the day. If you really need money though and don’t qualify for financial aid then I would suggest getting a job either through UCF or just by applying to places off campus. Since I did not receive financial aid for my spring semester I had to get a job in order to pay for expenses. The job that you get doesn’t have to be full time either; you can choose to work part time like I do and the money you make should be good enough for food and book costs.