Making The Most Out of Game Day

One of the most exciting things to happen on a college campus is the football games. To make the most out of any game day, follow these easy tips:

1. Plan with friends!

One of the best parts of game day is hanging out with friends. Try to plan ahead with a group of people to spend game day with. Going to games with friends makes the day 10 times better.

2. Dress to impress.

Game day means lots of school spirit on campus. Dressing in school apparel can really show your support at game day.  Here at UCF we have had days to be in different colors. This past week was a white out so all the fans dressed in white. It’s a lot of fun getting dressed up in school colors or school pride gear. Have fun with what you wear to the game but make sure it’s comfortable to be in for long periods of time. Living in Florida means game days can and most likely will be hot ones so plan accordingly on what to wear.

3. Start off game day at a tailgate.

Campus wide schools have tailgates. Here at UCF, the most common places to hangout before the game are on the Memorie Mall and at Lake Claire. On the mall fans can grill, play some sports, or just hang out until game time. Over by Lake Claire you’ll find the fraternities and sororities hanging out before the game. Wherever you choose to hang out, always make wise choices and have fun!

4. Get to the stadium early.

Getting to the stadium early has many benefits. The first being able to sit in the student section. Here at UCF, once a certain amount of students enter with their free tickets, you will not be allowed in, even if you have a free student ticket. Getting to the stadium early will also allow you to have great choices in seating. Some schools do not offer a single student section but will give you an assigned ticket. Another benefit you may get from arriving early is the opportunity to get free merchandise. Sometimes stadiums will give out free team gear, such as bracelets, fans, stickers, and t-shirts. Supplies are always limited if this is offered so it’s first come first serve.

5. Enjoy the game!

Learn game day traditions ahead of time. Help support your school by cheering, dancing, and getting involved in the game day spirit. When I went to my first UCF football game, I did my best to learn all the chants cheers and traditions that happen at the game. I also found cheering on your team will make the game more enjoyable if you are not a big football fan. You can also enjoy your school's marching band performances. Most schools will have pre-game, halftime, an post-game performances from the band along with many different stand tunes. If possible, stay and enjoy the whole game. One of the biggest mistakes is leaving a game before it’s over. You never know what can happen in the last quarter or two of a football game, so stick around to see how the game ends.