Making the Application Process Stress Free


Applying to colleges is a stressful process no matter how you go about it. Many students apply to multiple colleges, each with its own application process. Due dates, essays, and forms stack up causing stress to many students. All of this extra work is added on to a student’s usual weekly workload. A few ways to make this process less stressful is to narrow down your list of colleges you are applying to, begin applying months in ahead of due dates, stay on top of both schoolwork and applications, and finish an application once you have started.

When I was applying to schools, I had a solid idea of where I wanted to go. I picked ten schools, narrowed that list down to eight and then applied. Many students find themselves applying to schools they know they will not be attending. For example, one of my best friends in high school hated the cold and wanted to stay close to home was applying to Michigan State University. You can save yourself time if you narrow down your list of colleges to realistic schools. 

Next, many schools ask for early applications around October or November. It is extremely helpful to begin the process in the summer. By the time my senior year started, I had already applied to two schools. Applying early, at most schools, gives you a better chance of being accepted. When applying to multiple schools, you can find yourself trying to do multiple applications at one time and ultimately end up getting lost. It helped me during the application process to finish one application before starting the next. This helps students to stay organized.

Lastly, a problem most students have is that they begin focusing more on the application process than on school work. All of my other advice can help alleviate this problem. By minimizing your application work, give yourself plenty of time to apply, and finish one application before starting another, you will be able to stay on top of your school work.

The application process can be easy if you put yourself in a position to make it so. This time for students is an awesome point in their life. Although it can bring a great deal of work and stress, it is exciting and will be an unforgettable year for students.