Long Weekends in College

Long weekends and breaks are among the few things every college student looks forward to. The hardest thing to do during these breaks from class is deciding how to spend this free time. Living in Florida we have plenty of things to do, so deciding which one would be the only tricky part.


On long breaks, many students like myself return home. As much fun as it is being on your own, many students miss home. I like to use long weekends as my chance to go home and see my family. It may not be for long but seeing your parents and siblings is a real treat that should be appreciated. If going home isn’t for you, they are many other places you can visit.

One thing my girlfriend and I love to do is go to Disney. Disney is only a 40 min drive from UCF. We like to take advantage of our annual pass on weekends like these. You might also appreciate a trip to other theme parks such as Sea World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios or Universal's Islands of Adventure. Weekends like these may seem like they would cost a pretty penny but done right can be cheaper than you think. Here at UCF we have a student ticket center where you can buy discount theme park tickets. They also sell other discounted tickets like dine in theaters, sporting events or even movie theater tickets. This is a great way to save some money on some fun times.

If spending money isn’t what you were looking to do on break you can still find many of things to do. You could go to the beach with friends or visit local parks. You may even want to stick around campus and see if any clubs are hosting events. You also could even go visit some old friends from other Colleges. If you’re like me, you might also want to take the time off of school to work and make a little extra money. The possibilities are endless when trying to find something to do on your break from class.