Keeping Your Room Clean

Being a full time college student can be extremely time consuming and often times interferes with many personal responsibilities, a common one being cleaning your room. Living in a dorm your first year can make this task appear even more daunting. I currently live in a 211 sq/ft dorm that I share with another person, meaning I don’t have much personal space to begin with. Keeping my room clean at home was never one of my talents to begin with, but I find keeping your room clean in college is important and easy enough when you know what you’re doing.

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The most important part of keeping your room clean in college, and even more important if you live in a dorm, is setting yourself up for success from day one. Moving is stressful enough, so do all your unpacking in one shot. Don’t leave things to unpack later because more likely than not that box will still be in the back of your closet when you move out. Purchase bins and storage containers before moving so you can give all your items a specific place to go. As my mom would say, “Make sure every item has a home.” Organizing your room when you move in is the easiest way to manage keeping your room clean all year long.

Another tip for keeping your room clean is to make your bed every morning. In a dorm, your bed is usually the focal point of your room. When there’s pillows and blankets jumbled all over your bed, the entire room looks messy. By just taking a few minutes every morning to make your bed, you make your room look cleaner. I also find that making my bed every morning makes me less likely to want to crawl back into it for a nap after a long day of classes. Every night before bed, I also try and take five to ten minutes to pick up anything that’s out of place or just looks messy.  

Overall, most rooms you have in college are going to be small. That means they look messier way easier, but are also more manageable to clean. By organizing your stuff when you move in and taking just a few minutes each day to make your bed or straighten up, you won’t be stressed out by your room after a long day of classes and can try and keep some of your sanity.