Keeping Your College Room Organized


Nothing annoys me more than having a cluttered and disorganized room; my OCD kicks in immediately if I see anything out of place. One of the best habits you can get into your first few weeks of college, if you haven’t already, is to keep you and your room organized. In doing so, you are more likely to know where the essentials are and when assignments are due.

As far as organizing your room goes, it is extremely beneficial to buy storage bins. These can be used to store school supplies, clothes, or even snacks for when you get hungry. While I lived on-campus in the summer, I used my storage bins for my clothes so that I could easily organize them by color and not rummage through a single drawer. Even though I live off-campus and have the luxury of my own closet, I still keep my clothes organized by keeping them color coordinated.

I also bought a small bookshelf which is great for my notebooks and textbooks. My desk has an organizer for all my pens and pencils as well as my papers. A laundry basket is essential to keep your dirty clothes off the floor as well as convenient to bring to the laundry room. A shoe rack is also ideal so that your shoes are not scattered all over your room.

It is also extremely helpful if you can store bins underneath your bed. In many dorms, you have the option to get a raised bed, which maximizes space by allowing you to stack bins on top of one another and get to your supplies with ease. A mini garbage can as well as a mini vacuum or Swiffer are great for cleaning up dirt or those pesky eraser shaving. Keeping your dorm room organized is a great way to have a successful college experience. You will be able to organize assignments and projects based on priority, know where your belongings are, and have more living space if you can effectively maximize your space.