Keeping Track of Belongings with Roommates


An important part of creating a good relationship with a college roommate is to make sure that you separate things that you don’t want the other person using. Especially if you guys plan to share some things.

For example in my dorm over the summer, me and my roommate shared most things we bought such as water, fruit, snacks, etc, However, if we wanted something not to be touched we would separate it. Anything not to be touched in the fridge would have a sticky note with your name on it. Any snacks you didn’t want touched you would keep under your own bed, rather than in the snack drawer we had. The key to this is organization.

If you just leave things everywhere that you don’t want touched or used is bound to get used. Keep things that you and your roommates want to share in one place, and things you want to yourself in a separate place.

Also another important thing is to always ask if you can have something. For example, my roommate had a printer, and I did not. Now it may not seem like a big deal for me to use his printer without asking; however, every time I wanted to use it I asked him.

It is much better to ask when using anything of your roommates, rather than to assume they would say yes, and create a problem. Also, do not be afraid to tell them if you do not want something touched. Make it clear that something is not to be touched, and they won’t use it. If you don’t mention that you do not want something used, they may use it assuming it would not a big deal.

The most useful tool in all of this are sticky notes. Sticky notes are very cheap and are super useful to keep things labeled and organized.