It's Summer, Relax!

Summer’s so close we can all taste it. College summers seem to be a bit longer than the one’s we had in high school, so what are we going to do with ourselves for the next 4 months?  

A lot of people try to take summer classes to get ahead, some people go home and get internships, and others go and build up some extra cash working summer jobs. See, there’s all this pressure on us college students to go out, work our butts off and be productive--which we should. However, it’s important to remember not to run yourself to the ground.

Even when I was still in high school. I always tried to make the most of my summer. But I got caught up in the pressure, and my freshman year in college I took on clubs, sports, Greek life and a job, all while taking a full course load. The results? I feel myself getting sick more often than usual and find myself less motivated than I should be.

That’s why this summer I’m going to just let go and relax. No classes, no work, no fraternity business.

My ass is going to be in some beach chair getting sunburnt in Fort Lauderdale.

I managed to save up a nice little nest egg working as a waiter in the fall. I’ve used that money to book a cruise to Mexico, Belize and Hondurus; where I will recklessly throw all my cash away on Cohibas and blackjack. Maybe this sounds stupid, but look at It as an investment! I’m going to return to Tampa in August recharged and I’ll be able to knock down work with more proficiency.

I was lucky enough to learn the importance of relaxation from my father. He attended Ohio State University during the Vietnam war. He took seven classes (engineering major), worked a job, and was in the Air Force ROTC. The man didn’t know how to take a break.  He didn’t get enough sleep, ate poorly, and just worked himself too hard. His sophomore year he got mononucleosis and his spleen ruptured, causing him to miss an entire semester, lose his job because he couldn't work, and lose his position in ROTC. If he had just relaxed and paced himself, he would’ve have been fine.

So, take a deep breath and relax this summer. I promise it’ll be better for you in the long run.!