Is One More Attempt at the SATs or ACTs Worth It?

One tip I have for seniors in high school is that if your SATs or ACTs still aren’t as high as they should be, then I would highly recommend taking them again. Although it may be annoying and stressful to still have to take your SATs and ACTs, if the college that you’re applying to is asking for you to improve your score you should retake those tests again.

Look at me for example, I took the SAT and ACT four times each. People never believe me when I tell them this because people usually don’t think that any one would need to take them so many times, but my scores weren’t where they should have been.

People think just because I performed well in school I must have been scoring high on the entrance exams as well, but they were very mistaken. My scores were below average even though I had been taking prep classes for those tests since my freshman year. I was taking my tests up till January of 2016 and I didn’t know what university I was attending until late March.

I highly recommending taking the tests as many times as possible so you’re able to receive the highest score possible. Don’t be like some of the kids that were in my grade who gave up on taking the tests only after taking them one or two times. Those kids just told themselves that they tried their best and that they should just call a quits and go to a community college. There is nothing wrong with attending a community college, but why settle for less when you can achieve so much more.

Another reason why I believe that you should take the entrance exams as many times as necessary is because it shows the colleges that you’re applying to that you’re putting in as much effort as you can to improve your overall score and I know people working within college admissions love to see this.