Importance of Keeping in Touch with your Academic Advisors


At my school, you’re assigned an academic advisor before you even get on campus. At first, to me this seemed excessive, but after talking to my advisor the summer before college, my perspective changed entirely. My advisor guided me through class selection, areas and subjects I might want to pursue, and even general tips for tackling my first semester of college.

Flash forward to October of my freshman year, I was meeting with my academic advisor to discuss my course selection for my spring semester. I went in with some ideas of what I might take, and even questions about potential summer internships. What my advisor met me with exceeded all expectations. Not only did he have great advice for all of my classes, but he also had internship ideas and advice for my classes. When I went in to speak to him, I was considering double-majoring in creative writing and marketing, but what he told me made me change my entire disposition.

My advisor is a professor within the business college at my school, yet he told me to take it easy. He said that I shouldn’t stress over taking so many creative writing courses just to achieve a double-major. If I were to do that, he said I could miss a bunch of amazing course among the way. Here he was, a man with a PHD in business studies, telling me that his favorite college course of all time was a Beethoven class he took.

I really admired him for his advice and I can’t recommend talking to your academic advisor about your challenges or questions for school enough. Something I hadn’t expected out of my academic advisor, was the extra work they are willing to put to help you out with your career. One of my favorite sayings is, It’s not the grades you make, it’s the hands you shake. Grades are important, but the odds are, your advisor is a well connected person within whichever subject you choose to pursue in college. In fact, it was my advisor who suggested I apply for an internship with the Career Development Center on campus. Taking his suggestion, I applied and ended up landing a great summer internship. Your relationship with your academic advisor is one of the most important ones you can make in college, no matter what they’ll always be there for you -- it’s their job after all.