How to Shop For Your College Dorm

One of the hardest tasks to tackle when leaving home and going off to college is shopping for your room. Some students love to shop and have the upper hand when it comes to buying the essentials for the ultimate dorm room, while others despise shopping and simply do not know where to begin.

Living on-campus in the summer and then moving off-campus for the fall, I had to shop more than once. However, the strategy was pretty much the same: 

My mom and I started shopping for my room by making a list of what I was going to need. We constantly reviewed and revised the list, adding and removing items as we shopped.

Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond were my go-to places for pretty much everything. Bed Bath & Beyond provides a college checklist suited to just about every university, and it lays out what is recommended for you to have and what you cannot have per dorm room guidelines. Bed Bath & Beyond also gives you the opportunity to sign up for coupons that are tailored to college students.

The key to shopping for your dorm room is to be as thrifty as possible without sacrificing quality. Don’t be afraid to go to more than one store even when you think you found the perfect comforter, sheets, dresser, etc. Start with the bare necessities, such as bedding, toiletries, and storage bins, and then shop for those last minute touches to make your room original, homey, and a touch of you.

It is imperative that you do not procrastinate. Instead, start as early as possible. You definitely do not want to wait until you arrive on your respective campus to go shopping there because I can assure you there will be close to nothing left and the chaos will be far from ideal. When shopping, make sure you speak with your roommates and coordinate who is bringing what so you can maximize your space and split the cost equally. It is also a good idea to speak with friends or family members who are either in college or recently graduated to get helpful tips on where to shop and what you might need.

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