How to Recover from Spring Break Blues

Note from Hunter Cambon: Introducing our newest U See It contributor! Marin McCall is a freshman, journalism major and a writer for Her Campus and the Odyssey at the University of Iowa. She will be regularly bringing insightful and timely information to your screen. We're happy to be sharing her great info with U!

Spring Break blues (adj.)- the depression that occurs upon returning to school after a whole week of relaxing on a beach with no worries except the ice in your drink melting.


Even if you didn’t go to some tropical destination for Spring Break, it’s likely you’ll be returning to school unready to deal with the rest of the semester ahead. However, there are ways to beat the Spring Break blues and enjoy the spring semester like you should.


1. Take a deep breath and relax.


Sounds obvious, right? Or maybe like a chill overkill after a whole week of relaxing. But a major cause of the Spring Break blues is the pressure to jump right back into all of the stress of school. Instead of pretending you just hit pause in the middle of a big action scene, borrow some of those mellow island vibes from Spring Break and relax. Midterms are over, finals are half a semester away, and you can be as calm, cool, and collected as you were lounging on the beach just last week.


2. Break out your summer wardrobe.


Put away the thick sweaters and the heavy ski jackets, the snow boots and the ugly Goodwill Christmas sweater that you wore to one party and have tried to get your six-dollars-worth out of by wearing ironically to class in January. Put winter in the back of your closet and the back of your mind. It’s time to break out the shorts, sandals, and tanks of your summer wardrobe. Depending on the climate where your school is located, you may not have had much of a winter wardrobe, or shorts and tanks may not seem plausible until at least July, but there is undoubtedly at least one piece of clothing that makes you think of green grass, blue skies, and a cool drink: the ultimate summer afternoon. Dressing to celebrate the nicer weather that comes after Spring Break will put you in the perfect mindset to enjoy the moment instead of longing for vacation past.

3. Take advantage of outdoor areas of campus.

Remember your favorite study spot under the big tree in the quad? Or the long way home from class, along the path where you could see the ducks in the river? Go back and visit all of those places on campus that you discovered in the fall that made you fall in love with campus. Winter can be pretty good lookin’, but it also has its many drab, gray days that can make it easy to forget why you ever spent any time outside of your cozy dorm room. After Spring Break, go back outside and revisit your favorite places. Soak up some vitamin D and reconnect with campus.

4. Find out about unique spring semester opportunities.

Check out your school’s calendar, or research the spring perks of your college town, for some unique opportunities that you’ll only get to experience in the spring semester. Maybe there is a school-wide bags (cornhole) competition on the quad. Maybe there are free yoga classes in the park. Maybe there is a huge farmer’s market downtown. You’ll never know unless you pull yourself out of the post-Spring Break funk and look for something to perk you up.

5. Make summer plans.

All of your friends are back from Spring Break with you, inspired by all the places they’ve been over break, or inspired by the excitement of no longer being stuck at home. Now is the perfect time to plan adventures for when school is out. Focusing on future fun is the perfect way to get your mind off any stress you have in the present. Plan road trips to different friend’s hometowns or plan to meet up at some new destination. Either way, the planning will help you focus on what’s to come, instead of what is making you blue in the moment.

So dust the sand off and pack up: it’s time to get back to school and make the most of it.