How To Prepare For Exams

My name is Marena and I’m an engineering student at UCF. That means that school is basically my life and passing exams is crucial for my success in the future. With exams only a month or so away, now is the time to prepare. Finals in high school maybe require three or four days of studying prior to the exam, but that is not the case in college.

Final exams in college can sometimes make or break your grade for the class so it is crucial to be well-prepared. It is recommended to start studying for final exams at least a week before the exam, maybe more. College classes usually end a day or two before final exams start so that students are sure to have enough time to study. It may seem exciting because you get extra days off from classes, but don’t forget to use that time wisely to study!

Making study guides for your classes is a great way to organize the information you need to know for your exams. Sharing study guides with classmates and studying with a group can also be beneficial because your classmates might have information that you don’t have. If you are studying for a math exam, then studying with peers can be a great way to help each other work through problems and explain concepts to each other. While studying for science or other types of exams can be easier on your own since it is mostly memorization and it is easier to focus in a quiet environment.

Having a good study environment is also important when preparing for finals. The library on campus is my favorite place to study because it is quiet for the most part or there are areas where I can work with a group. It is also easier to stay focused when you look around and see all the other students focusing and working hard like you are. It is motivating to study when you can actually see how hard some students work to achieve good grades; it makes studying seem more doable when everyone is doing it!