How To NOT Go Crazy During Your 1st Fall Semester

I was lucky enough to enjoy my first fall semester in college successfully. I managed to get great grades while also still having a fun social life. I know some students struggle with their first semester away from home. To avoid this struggle and to not go crazy during your first fall semester, you can do many things to make it a better experience.

My first suggestion is to branch out and meet some new people. I suggest to meet and talk to the kids that live in your dorm hall, and to also meet people that are in your classes. Meeting people in your classes can help you make new friends, but you can also form study groups with your new friends.

My second piece of advice is to have fun, but not too much fun. If you know you have an 8:30 AM class on a Friday (never take an 8:30 AM class on a Friday if you can avoid it FYI) you probably shouldn’t go out for Thirsty Thursdays and have to skip your Friday class... But, it is always good to have fun with your friends and to enjoy the college town that you live in.

Another way to not go crazy during your fall semester is to treat college like a job. I study and go to class from 10-5, and then I enjoy the rest of my day stress free because I already finished all of my work. Treating college like a job also allows you to not cram for your upcoming exams, because you will have already studied for them. The last benefit from treating college like a job is that it helps prepare you for the real, professional world.

So, to sum it up, my biggest piece of advice to not go crazy during your first fall semester is to play hard, but study harder.