How to Make a Good First Impression with Your Roommate


If you opted for a random roommate, then this article is for you.

For my first college semester I chose a random roommate, and I couldn’t have been happier with anyone else. We both connected instantly through volleyball and sports and are still rooming
together in an apartment this year. The key is first impressions in person, not by text. I first texted him two months before we moved into our dorm at 2 am on a Wednesday, and we had a conversation but didn’t click instantly. During the first week that we moved in, we both saw that we not only had common interests, but common morals and values as well.

The easiest way to make a great first impression is to be respectful, clean, and to be yourself. If you aren’t rude then they’ll more likely invite you to go to lunch or parties. Honestly just think
about what you’d want out of a roommate and follow those rules. Most people are simple and just want peace and quiet when studying and a friend to be social with.

The easiest way to connect with someone you don’t know is by the four F’s: Friends, Family,
Firsts, and Favorites. It’s an instant conversation starter that doesn’t seem awkward or irrelevant
to meeting someone new. Plus, everyone wants to talk about their four F’s, which makes this the
best way to fill in awkward silences.

Even if you don’t like your roommate at first, give him/her a chance. A lot of people grow up in
college, so they may change with time. And if you don’t like your roommate, don’t worry. They
don’t have to be your best friend; they're just someone to live with ;). On a final note, the easiest way to
break the ice is to listen to some fire music, as everyone can appreciate a good song.