How to (Successfully) Do Laundry in College

Doing laundry in college is a lot easier task than it may seem. With some simple tricks I’ve learned as a freshmen you can make it even easier.

First off make sure you buy a good hamper. Handles on the hamper are convenient because the laundry rooms are normally a good walk on any given campus. Another thing you want to look at when you buy your hamper
is that it is one with holes and it’s made of plastic. Hampers made out of fabric will harbor odors, which is not a good thing if you are someone who goes to the gym. One tip that makes doing laundry on campus convenient is using laundry detergent pods, or “tide” pods. When going out the door you will much rather prefer grabbing one or two tide pods than a whole bottle
of detergent. Don’t get too flustered when picking water temperature either.

For dark clothes always wash cold. Lights and whites should be washed either on warm or hot. Be careful never to wash items that are 100% cotton with hot water. A decent all around temperature for drying will normally be medium heat. As a good rule of thumb, you probably shouldn’t need to dry any clothes with high heat. Use dryer sheets to keep your clothes smelling fresh and feeling soft.

I fold my clothes straight out of the dryer because it prevents wrinkles and you will not have to iron or steam them in most cases. Hopefully you are doing laundry in your own home now. If not, start, this will take all of the confusion out before you even move to college. Lastly, check your school's laundry payment procedures beforehand. A lot of schools tend to use preloaded cards instead of cash. So you don’t end up sitting in the laundry room for an hour trying to
figure out how to deposit cash onto your card like I did, learn from my mistake.