Halloween Costume College Style

Halloween is one of the best holidays out there, and believe it or not it gets better in college! Instead of one night of fun like there might be in high school, you get a whole weekend or maybe even a week of Halloween events. And instead of just one costume to pick, you need to find at least two. This is a ton of fun, but can also get expensive and stressful when you are on your own in college and have all your new responsibilities to handle as well as preparing for Halloween. 

There are plenty of options for inexpensive and creative costumes though! And if you attend a school in Florida you don’t need to worry about your costume keeping you too warm because it doesn’t get very cold outside. Pinterest is a great place to find fun ideas for DIY (Do It Yourself) Halloween costumes, as well as social media where you can get ideas from people you might follow.

Plenty of costumes like a lifeguard, a police officer, a certain animal, Tom Cruise from Risky Business, or a funny pun might be easier than you think to put together. Each of these costumes might require maybe one or two things that you have to buy but you can mostly use everyday things you already have.

Your costume might not be perfect like the ones that Halloween stores sell, but honestly nobody actually cares how “good” your costume is. Looking for costume pieces at thrift shops like Goodwill or Plato’s Closet are great ways to put an inexpensive costume together, you’re only going to wear it once so it really doesn’t matter how great the quality is.

When you’re putting your Halloween costume together, think, “The less money I spend on this costume, the more food I can buy this weekend.” You’ll find ways to make an inexpensive costume if you really put your mind to it!