Good Relationships with Professors

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My name is Marena and I am a current student at the University of Central Florida. Probably some of the best advice you could get from someone is to make connections with your professors throughout college, and make sure they can match your name to your face. Just think about how in high school, all your teachers knew who you were and they took the time to pull you aside and give you feedback or check in on how you are doing in class. That is extremely helpful especially when you might be struggling in the class, when your teacher was aware of this they tried their best to help you succeed. So in college, the classes are way bigger, which means you have to go out of your way a bit to meet your professor and build a relationship with them. Even though it might take some effort, the benefits that could come from this relationship could be amazing; when the professor sees you taking an interest in the class and making an effort to show you care, they are way more willing to help you out and help you succeed in their course.

A great way to do this is to go up after class the first or second day and introduce yourself to the professor and make a point to say how excited for the course or ask a question or something. Then throughout the semester, you can attend the professor’s office hours which will give you one-on-one time with them to discuss questions from class or even other interesting things. Most professors are very intelligent and have a lot of knowledge to share about all kinds of interesting things. One of my friends went to our professor’s office hours and had a thirty minute conversation about the science behind lasers before he even asked his original question about the cool is that?! You never know what you could learn or achieve by making connections with your professors!