Going Back to School

We're well into the school year and missing those long beach days. Now we're into rather long days in the library. Although your job in college is to study and get good grades, you also have to have a social life and have fun. Along with classes starting again, so does college football!

Even though I have to study and work during the week, the weekends are for football tailgates and football games. Football season is just one of the many pros of going back to school. For me, the biggest con of going back to school is leaving my family. My advice to new college freshmen is to call your family as often as possible, because it will make you happier, and it will make your family happier. College freshmen are often overwhelmed their first semester of college, and talking to your family members can help sometimes.

Other times, it is up to you to calm yourself down and get your work done. Because classes have started, that means that exams are right around corner. My biggest advice that pertains to exams is to start studying for exams a week before they begin. I currently have a 3.9 GPA, and that is because I did not cram for my exams. I knew exactly when they were, and I started studying for each of them exactly one week in advance. Because I did that, by the time the exam came around, I was already fully prepared. Some of my friends would try to cram a couple of nights before, and they would get C’s and D’s, instead of A’s and B’s. College is an extremely fun place, but it is always important to remember not to have too much fun.

Go Gators!