Getting Involved on Campus


My name is Marena and I’m currently in my fourth year at the University of Central Florida. If I could say one thing to my freshman-self, it would by far be, “Get involved now and stop procrastinating!” Getting involved in clubs early on can bring about tons of new opportunities. Making new friends that could last your whole college career and who share common interests because you met doing something you both enjoy is a priceless benefit of joining a club.

Clubs and organizations can open doors to professional networks that you otherwise might not have access to. Whether you join a Greek organization, a major-related club or a common interest club, you’re bound to add experiences to your life that will make college even more special. I joined a couple clubs my freshman year of college, however I let other things take priority and never fully got involved with any of them. Now I am finding that possible employers like to see more than just good grades on a resume so joining clubs related to my major is my main focus this semester.

Being a member of a club is great, but actually participating in club events or projects is even better! Those are the experiences that will add character to your college experience and allow you to really connect to other active members of the club. If you are going to join an organization, I highly recommend you get as much out of it as possible, more than just the t-shirt that comes from paying your dues. Information on clubs at your school can usually be found on their website under a “Student Life” tab and there will usually be flyers around campus for club meetings happening soon! If you are interested in organizations that are related to your major, the academic affairs office for your specific major will usually have helpful information for joining those clubs.