Getting Around Campus

In my opinion, getting around campus is one of the major factors in choosing a class schedule, because you have to have enough time between classes to switch buildings, and a major part of planning day to day life in college. Sometimes a walk to or from class back to a parking garage can take 20 minutes depending on your campus size and class location. This can greatly affect plans for even after classes end because it needs to be taken into account when planning your next activity. Of course, if time is not something you have to crunch, then walking to and from classes is great; it’s easy, gives you exercise, and can also be efficient if you’re skilled in the fast-walking department. However some of us (aka me), have four classes between 10:30 a.m. and 4:15 p.m. with only 15 minutes between each class and walking isn’t always our best option.

Luckily, my classes aren’t super far apart so walking is usually the way to go, but I will admit I am a big LimeBike fan when I need to get somewhere fast. Biking around campus is probably the quickest way to get from point A to point B, but sometimes it isn’t the easiest. Trying to ride a bike with a backpack on during peak crowded-campus hours can be a challenge; however if you are a two-wheeler pro, then throw your helmet on and get anywhere on campus in 5 minutes or less!

Another great option for campus travel is the classic longboard or skateboard. It’s easy to carry into class with you and keep in your car, and if you’re really skilled, then you probably look pretty cool doing it. Most campuses even have skateboard racks where you can lock it up outside the building. Campus bike racks also make keeping a bike on campus easy because you can leave it locked up and only use it when you need it (unless that isn’t allowed on your campus, check first!). You don’t usually see Razor scooter racks on college campuses, and there is a reason for that. I think once you’re over the age of 15, it is not recommended that you whip a Razor scooter to classes. But whatever you choose as your mode of campus transportation, be safe and don’t hit anyone!